FAVE C Episode 211 - Charlie Demers Suggest

Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk about book clubs, Adele, moving, and Bob Balaban.

Graham's Introduction of Dave: A man who was born just very close, suspiciously close to John Lennon's death day: Mr. Dave Shumka.

  • 5 Segments

  • Get To Know Us

    The first segment in each episode where the guest, Dave and Graham take it in turns to discuss their week.

  • Take Care of Business

    The business segment of the show where the lads play some ads for other episodes on the Maximum Fun network, play Jumbotron messages, and MaxFun Drive when it's running.

  • Hulk Hogan News

    "Dave, shut up! Some weeks Hulk Hogan giveth, and some weeks Hulk Hogan taketh away" Graham gives you the latest and greatest on the world-famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

  • Celebrity Birthdays

    Happy birthday probable celebrity!

  • Overheards

    Graham, Dave and the guest discuss things they have overheard or overseen, then they read overheards sent in via email and finally they listen to overheards left on the voicemail.

  • 18 Tags

  • A Guest Jumps The Gun by Charlie Demers 1:57 into episode

    Charlie cuts in before he's announced with a funny accent.

  • Pretend Guest by Charlie Demers 2:26 into episode

    Charlie introduces himself as Randy Bachman.

  • Impressions by Graham Clark 5:15 into episode

    Graham does an impression of a young kid in school asking the teacher, Charlie Demers, if the cat is laughing.

  • Jobs by Graham Clark 5:47 into episode

    Graham brings up terrifying jobs which leads to the following conclusion: sniper, war or snake stuff, animal touching or caressing, and lolcat euthanist.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 9:01 into episode

    "Thunderbirds... we are a go" - Charlie's hilarious Italian Thunderbirds impression.

  • Vancouver Geography by Charlie Demers 29:14 into episode

    Charlie refers to Davie Street as being in the Gay Crevice of Vancouver.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 40:27 into episode

    "Did you think this would be a bigger place?" - Charlie starts his old New York City cabby impressions with a bang.

  • Impressions by Graham Clark 40:57 into episode

    "Where to? The tiniest room in the world?" - Graham continues Charlie's old New York City cabby impression.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 44:56 into episode

    "Excuse me Kaprite, I'll be coming down just to see my chandelier" - Charlie's impression of a posh person going to just look at their stuff in storage.

  • Accents by Dave Shumka 49:44 into episode

    "Took the piss" as Adele would say.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 51:42 into episode

    "Did you think this was a bigger breakfast table?" - Charlie continues his hilarious old New York City cabby impression.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 1:03:22 into episode

    "You know you kids, I've been listening to your answering machine messages" - Charlie's impression of Piers Morgan.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 1:05:21 into episode

    "Consider yaself at 'ome" - Charlie's impression of Bob Balaban.

  • Accents by Charlie Demers 1:05:29 into episode

    "We've been taking the piss out of Bob Balaban, he's the only thing that cheers us up since John Lennon got popped" - Charlie in his best British accent.

  • Kids Say The Darndest by Graham Clark 1:18:53 into episode

    Graham reads an overheard sent in by a listener about a kid smashing two toys yelling "huggen' and kissin'" over and over.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 1:19:34 into episode

    "What, did you think this was going to be a bigger forest?" - Charlie forgets his old New York City cabby character's accent, but does it anyway.

  • TV Show Discussions by Charlie Demers 1:28:00 into episode

    Charlie assumes an overheard from Baltimore is actually from The Wire. WMDs! Pandemic!

  • Accents by Graham Clark 1:34:17 into episode

    "We are noot" - Graham's "Canadian" accent kicks in.

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