FAVE C Episode 254 - Charlie Demers Suggest

Comedian Charlie Demers returns to talk professoring, pigeons, and the weird kid in class.

Graham's Introduction of Dave: A man who can have whatever he likes, Mr. Dave Shumka.

  • 4 Segments

  • Get To Know Us

    The first segment in each episode where the guest, Dave and Graham take it in turns to discuss their week.

  • Hulk Hogan News

    "Dave, shut up! Some weeks Hulk Hogan giveth, and some weeks Hulk Hogan taketh away" Graham gives you the latest and greatest on the world-famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

  • Fanta Tweets

    Tweets from the Fanta Twitter account. Usually pretty stupid.

  • Overheards

    Graham, Dave and the guest discuss things they have overheard or overseen, then they read overheards sent in via email and finally they listen to overheards left on the voicemail.

  • 12 Tags

  • A Guest Jumps The Gun by Charlie Demers 0:37 into episode

    Charlie cuts in before he's introduced, largely due to Graham's T.I. reference.

  • Dave Sings by Dave Shumka 0:59 into episode

    Dave sings What You Know by T.I. for Charlie.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 3:53 into episode

    Charlie compares the new recording studio to Woody Allen at the end of Manhattan, and does an hilarious impression.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 10:12 into episode

    Charlie does an impression of someone having sex with a costitute (cosplaying prostitute) and embarrasses Graham and Dave by shouting Cuuuuuuum!

  • Dave vs Animal by Dave Shumka 21:23 into episode

    Dave has a problem with pigeons, but has an emotional connection with a limping pigeon.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 27:32 into episode

    "These are East Van crow omlettes" - Charlie's impression of a snobby East Van café waiter.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 39:54 into episode

    "Well hold on a fucken second, we could do better than this shit" - Charlie's impression of a snow shoe designer that breaks the mould of the tennis racquet shape.

  • Accents by Charlie Demers 41:20 into episode

    "Spr-ayy" - Charlie's Canadian accent version of spray.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 43:04 into episode

    "And if you don't, you were him, the guy the kid with the crow egg sandwich" - Charlie on weird kids at school.

  • Impressions by Charlie Demers 1:04:42 into episode

    Charlie does an impression of a French grape stomper who talks about stomping grapes with tanks in World War II.

  • Accents by Charlie Demers 1:18:03 into episode

    "Oi the fuck you mean you get it?" Charlie's impression of a well 'ard cockney gangster in Paris.

  • TV Show Discussions by Charlie Demers 1:46:36 into episode

    Charlie mentions The Sopranos and the Larry Sanders Show and how his wife got Gary Marshall and Gary Shandling confused.

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