FAVE C Episode 297 - JJ Whitehead Suggest

Comedian JJ Whitehead joins us to talk potato famines, Extreme Cheapskates, and rubbies.

Graham's Introduction of Dave: A man who is enjoying this crisp, wintery weather: Dave Shumka.

  • 3 Segments

  • Get To Know Us

    The first segment in each episode where the guest, Dave and Graham take it in turns to discuss their week.

  • Take Care of Business

    The business segment of the show where the lads play some ads for other episodes on the Maximum Fun network, play Jumbotron messages, and MaxFun Drive when it's running.

  • Overheards

    Graham, Dave and the guest discuss things they have overheard or overseen, then they read overheards sent in via email and finally they listen to overheards left on the voicemail.

  • 8 Tags

  • TV Show Discussions by Dave Shumka 4:51 into episode

    Dave mentions Top Gear and how they joke about people who can't afford luxury cars.

  • Baby Dave by Dave Shumka 21:39 into episode

    Scared anxiety baby Dave talks about the potato men. He also listens to Reggae music.

  • Accents by Graham Clark 22:14 into episode

    Graham brings up Canadian accent stereotypes because of Saturday Night Live. Includes Graham saying "sorry" in a hilarious way!

  • TV Show Discussions by JJ Whitehead 31:05 into episode

    JJ hangs shit on Doctor Who.

  • TV Show Discussions by Dave Shumka 32:15 into episode

    Dave mentions Sherlock and how he liked it because it's a short season.

  • TV Show Discussions by JJ Whitehead 32:48 into episode

    JJ talks about Pointless, a hilarious show where you give pointless answers to questions.

  • TV Show Discussions by Dave Shumka 36:04 into episode

    Dave talks about Extreme Cheapskates and how insane the people on the show are, and swan diving into dumpsters.

  • Graham Fights A Bus by Graham Clark 46:46 into episode

    Graham talks about getting into an argument with racist rubbies on a bus, all while he really needs to pee.

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