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  • Episode 331 - Adam Pateman Released 22nd of July, 2014

    Adam Pateman returns to talk about the apocalypse, doulas, and Toronto.

  • FAVE Episode 278 - Adam Pateman Released 23rd of July, 2013

    Adam Pateman returns to talk marsupials, viral videos, and lying.

  • Episode 184 - Adam Pateman Released 27th of September, 2011

    Comedian Adam Pateman returns to talk New York, Real Steel, and eyebrows. Also, stories of getting locked out.

  • Episode 54 - Adam Pateman Released 16th of March, 2009

    Comedian Adam Pateman joins us to talk Africa, haircuts, and pitch a reality show.

  • FAVE Episode 8 - Adam Pateman Released 28th of April, 2008

    Comedian Adam Pateman joins the boys for some in-depth discussions on the science of Vicki Gabereau and Bo Jackson.

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