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  • Episode 190 - Brad MacNeil Released 8th of November, 2011

    Brad MacNeil returns to talk baby stuff, small towns, store-bought pranks, and some of our favourite podcasts.

  • Episode 123 - Brad MacNeil Released 18th of July, 2010

    Brad MacNeil returns for a super summery episode, complete with skinny dipping, summer TV, and the rules of Jinx.

  • Episode 71 - Bad MacNeil Released 13th of July, 2009

    Improviser Brad MacNeil joins us to do a segment lightning round, Dave doesn't edit out the juicy parts, and Graham comes down with a case of Cool Runnings.

  • Episode 15 - Paul Anthony Released 11th of June, 2008

    Comedy renaissance man Paul Anthony joins the boys to talk public access TV and dip into the Celebrity Crush Hat. Also, Ottawa correspondent Brad MacNeil calls in with some corrections.

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