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  • Episode 329 - Caitlin Howden Released 8th of July, 2014

    Caitlin Howden joins us to talk topless beaches, bad flyers, and protests.

  • FAVE Episode 276 - Caitlin Howden Released 2nd of July, 2013

    Caitlin Howden returns to talk puppets, playing bridge, and Graham visits a sensory deprivation tank.

  • FAVE Episode 227 - Caitlin Howden Released 24th of July, 2012

    Improviser Caitlin Howden joins us to talk about love, Barcelona, exercise, and nudity.

  • Bonus Episode - LIVE with The Sunday Service Released 22nd of November, 2011

    Recorded at The Kosmik Zoo in Vancouver, Friday, November 18th, 2011 with all 6 members of The Sunday Service improv gang. Oh, also the mayor shows up in the middle. Seriously. The whole thing is weird. Enjoy?

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