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  • FAVE Episode 342 - Charlie Demers Released 6th of October, 2014

    Charlie Demers returns to talk urban legends, store security, and gout.

  • FAVE Episode 301 - Charlie Demers Released 23rd of December, 2013

    Charlie Demers returns for this holiday episode to talk babymaking, trendy foods, and guns. Then we do our annual Secret Santa exchange.

  • FAVE Episode 284 - Charlie Demers Released 25th of August, 2013

    Charlie Demers returns to talk babymaking, lottery tickets, and game shows.

  • C FAVE Episode 254 - Charlie Demers Released 28th of January, 2013

    Comedian Charlie Demers returns to talk professoring, pigeons, and the weird kid in class.

  • FAVE Episode 222 - Charlie Demers Released 19th of June, 2012

    Charlie Demers returns to talk about old punks, pennies, and jumpsuits. Also, Pop Rocks Minute makes its return.

  • C FAVE Episode 211 - Charlie Demers Released 3rd of April, 2012

    Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk about book clubs, Adele, moving, and Bob Balaban.

  • FAVE Episode 189 - Charlie Demers Released 1st of November, 2011

    Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk parodies, fast food, and the worst wrestling gimmicks.

  • FAVE Episode 156 - Charlie Demers Released 8th of March, 2011

    Comedian Charlie Demers returns to talk about superheroes, pep talks, and slippers.

  • FAVE Episode 115 - Charlie Demers Released 24th of May, 2010

    4-timer Charlie Demers stops by to talk comfortable footwear, comic strips, and fake bands.

  • Episode 74 - LIVE, with Charlie Demers Released 3rd of August, 2009

    Three-timer Charlie Demers joins us to talk Just For Laughs, fireworks, and we stuntcast Star Wars. Recorded live at The Biltmore Cabaret in East Vancouver.

  • FAVE Episode 29 - Charlie Demers Released 14th of September, 2008

    Big time hilario Charlie Demers returns to talk summer movies, Celebrity Crush Beret, and the stunt cast of Growing Pains. It's a 90-minute gigglefest... for us.

  • Episode 4 - Charlie Demers Released 22nd of March, 2008

    Comedian, writer, and sketch performer Charlie Demers contributes to the slumber party atmosphere of this episode. He also contributes a stirring "Celebrity Odds" bumper. More "Overheard" and introducing "Paxton or Pullman."

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  • A Guest Jumps The Gun, 0:37 into Episode 254

    Charlie cuts in before he's introduced, largely due to Graham's T.I. reference.

  • Impressions, 3:53 into Episode 254

    Charlie compares the new recording studio to Woody Allen at the end of Manhattan, and does an hilarious impression.

  • Impressions, 10:12 into Episode 254

    Charlie does an impression of someone having sex with a costitute (cosplaying prostitute) and embarrasses Graham and Dave by shouting Cuuuuuuum!

  • Impressions, 27:32 into Episode 254

    "These are East Van crow omlettes" - Charlie's impression of a snobby East Van café waiter.

  • Impressions, 39:54 into Episode 254

    "Well hold on a fucken second, we could do better than this shit" - Charlie's impression of a snow shoe designer that breaks the mould of the tennis racquet shape.

  • Accents, 41:20 into Episode 254

    "Spr-ayy" - Charlie's Canadian accent version of spray.

  • Impressions, 43:04 into Episode 254

    "And if you don't, you were him, the guy the kid with the crow egg sandwich" - Charlie on weird kids at school.

  • Impressions, 1:04:42 into Episode 254

    Charlie does an impression of a French grape stomper who talks about stomping grapes with tanks in World War II.

  • Accents, 1:18:03 into Episode 254

    "Oi the fuck you mean you get it?" Charlie's impression of a well 'ard cockney gangster in Paris.

  • TV Show Discussions, 1:46:36 into Episode 254

    Charlie mentions The Sopranos and the Larry Sanders Show and how his wife got Gary Marshall and Gary Shandling confused.

  • A Guest Jumps The Gun, 1:57 into Episode 211

    Charlie cuts in before he's announced with a funny accent.

  • Pretend Guest, 2:26 into Episode 211

    Charlie introduces himself as Randy Bachman.

  • Impressions, 9:01 into Episode 211

    "Thunderbirds... we are a go" - Charlie's hilarious Italian Thunderbirds impression.

  • Vancouver Geography, 29:14 into Episode 211

    Charlie refers to Davie Street as being in the Gay Crevice of Vancouver.

  • Impressions, 40:27 into Episode 211

    "Did you think this would be a bigger place?" - Charlie starts his old New York City cabby impressions with a bang.

  • Impressions, 44:56 into Episode 211

    "Excuse me Kaprite, I'll be coming down just to see my chandelier" - Charlie's impression of a posh person going to just look at their stuff in storage.

  • Impressions, 51:42 into Episode 211

    "Did you think this was a bigger breakfast table?" - Charlie continues his hilarious old New York City cabby impression.

  • Impressions, 1:03:22 into Episode 211

    "You know you kids, I've been listening to your answering machine messages" - Charlie's impression of Piers Morgan.

  • Impressions, 1:05:21 into Episode 211

    "Consider yaself at 'ome" - Charlie's impression of Bob Balaban.

  • Accents, 1:05:29 into Episode 211

    "We've been taking the piss out of Bob Balaban, he's the only thing that cheers us up since John Lennon got popped" - Charlie in his best British accent.

  • Impressions, 1:19:34 into Episode 211

    "What, did you think this was going to be a bigger forest?" - Charlie forgets his old New York City cabby character's accent, but does it anyway.

  • TV Show Discussions, 1:28:00 into Episode 211

    Charlie assumes an overheard from Baltimore is actually from The Wire. WMDs! Pandemic!

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