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  • Episode 308 - Josh Stubbs Released 11th of February, 2014

    Josh Stubbs returns to talk Jay Leno, car troubles, and Graham joins Tinder and wonders whether he's a bear.

  • Episode 267 - Josh Stubbs Released 30th of April, 2013

    Josh Stubbs returns to talk Stan Lee, Swedish CornNuts, and Portland gas pumps.

  • Episode 161 - Josh Stubbs Released 12th of April, 2011

    Josh Stubbs returns to talk about field trips, how we'd do in prison, dorm room posters, and we get an AMAZING a capella phone call.

  • Episode 111 - Josh Stubbs Released 26th of April, 2010

    Comedian Josh Stubbs joins us to talk Haiku, Barbitsu, and play a round of Graham's Dad's Movie Reviews.

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