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  • FAVE Episode 338 - Kevin Lee Released 8th of September, 2014

    Kevin Lee returns to talk about New Zealand, baby preparation, and nature.

  • FAVE Episode 258 - Kevin Lee Released 26th of February, 2013

    Kevin Lee returns to talk black metal, beer koozies, and a Tina Turner tribute.

  • Bonus Episode - LIVE from the Canadian Comedy Awards Released 30th of August, 2012

    Comedian Debra DiGiovanni joins us for a live show from Toronto's Comedy Bar during Canadian Comedy Awards weekend. Recorded on Friday, August 24th.

  • FAVE Episode 212 - Kevin Lee Released 10th of April, 2012

    Improviser Kevin Lee returns to talk about ice cream, weird expensive purchases, the saddest part of Field of Dreams, and syrup-scented money.

  • Bonus Episode - LIVE with The Sunday Service Released 22nd of November, 2011

    Recorded at The Kosmik Zoo in Vancouver, Friday, November 18th, 2011 with all 6 members of The Sunday Service improv gang. Oh, also the mayor shows up in the middle. Seriously. The whole thing is weird. Enjoy?

  • Episode 158 - Kevin Lee Released 22nd of March, 2011

    Kevin Lee of The Sunday Service returns to talk trangressive fiction, Tyra pranks, and pilates.

  • Episode 101 - Kevin Lee Released 16th of February, 2010

    Kevin Lee returns and we basically just talk about The Olympic opening ceremonies and a shirt made out of pizza.

  • Episode 51 - Kevin Lee Released 24th of February, 2009

    Improviser Kevin Lee joins us and we talk giant burgers, we get fed up with blokes, we do some Graham's dad movie reviews, and we play a round of Fisher or Adams.

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