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  • Episode 354 - Kyle Bottom Released 30th of December, 2014

    Kyle Bottom returns to talk the most popular competitive trading card game on the planet, Christmas trees, and Skittles.

  • Episode 273 - Kyle Bottom Released 11th of June, 2013

    Comedian Kyle Bottom returns to talk giving up World of Warcraft, a bizarre plant woman, and an electrifying city crew. We also count down the top 10 horses.

  • Episode 177 - Kyle Bottom Released 2nd of August, 2011

    Comedian Kyle Bottom returns to talk about the Battleship movie, panhandlers, and more of your wake-up calls.

  • FAVE Episode 25 - Kyle Bottom Released 18th of August, 2008

    Comedian Kyle Bottom pops in to talk Joe Rogan, Sha-poopies, and late night chat lines. Also, we stunt-cast Three's Company.

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