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  • FAVE Episode 358 - Pat Kelly Released 27th of January, 2015

    Pat Kelly returns to talk stretching, raincoats, and vigilante work. Also, we spoil Gone Girl and Foxcatcher, but that's okay because nobody wants to see Foxcatcher.

  • Episode 234 - Pat Kelly Released 11th of September, 2012

    Pat Kelly of This Is That returns to talk mortality, Madden, LebowskiFest, and Wes Anderson dialogue.

  • Episode 173 - Pat Kelly Released 5th of July, 2011

    Pat Kelly of This Is That returns to talk McRibs, cigars, and riots.

  • Episode 126 - Pat Kelly Released 10th of August, 2010

    Pat Kelly from CBC's This Is That returns and we spoil every M. Night Shyamalan movie, tell childhood camp stories, and Graham explains how fireworks work.

  • Episode 77 - Pat Kelly Released 25th of August, 2009

    Improviser/Comedian/Actor/et cetera Pat Kelly joins us to talk about shoveling snow, embarrassment, mustaches, and graffiti.

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