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  • Episode 315 - Taz VanRassel Released 1st of April, 2014

    Taz VanRassel returns to talk high school auditoriums, the 1970s, and parachutes.

  • FAVE Episode 231 - Taz VanRassel Released 21st of August, 2012

    Taz VanRassel returns to talk about beef tongue, fake waiting, cobblers, and soccer. Ugh, are you even reading this?

  • Bonus Episode - LIVE with The Sunday Service Released 22nd of November, 2011

    Recorded at The Kosmik Zoo in Vancouver, Friday, November 18th, 2011 with all 6 members of The Sunday Service improv gang. Oh, also the mayor shows up in the middle. Seriously. The whole thing is weird. Enjoy?

  • Episode 98 - Taz VanRassel Released 25th of January, 2010

    Improviser Taz VanRassel returns to talk about generations, skipping rope, and Golden Tee.

  • Episode 44 - Taz VanRassel Released 29th of December, 2008

    Improviser Taz VanRassel joins us to talk Christmas releases, wrestling tag teams, and iPod battles. We stuntcast Archie and crown our Official American Listener. It could be you.

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