Graham Clark

He's the hilarious comedian we all love. Also has an epic beard.

  • Moments

  • Impressions — Episode 319 - Amanda Brooke Perrin 7:42 into episode

    Graham jumps in with an impression of Bill Cosby making pancakes.

  • Accents — Episode 297 - JJ Whitehead 22:14 into episode

    Graham brings up Canadian accent stereotypes because of Saturday Night Live. Includes Graham saying "sorry" in a hilarious way!

  • Graham Fights A Bus — Episode 297 - JJ Whitehead 46:46 into episode

    Graham talks about getting into an argument with racist rubbies on a bus, all while he really needs to pee.

  • Impressions — Episode 211 - Charlie Demers 5:15 into episode

    Graham does an impression of a young kid in school asking the teacher, Charlie Demers, if the cat is laughing.

  • Jobs — Episode 211 - Charlie Demers 5:47 into episode

    Graham brings up terrifying jobs which leads to the following conclusion: sniper, war or snake stuff, animal touching or caressing, and lolcat euthanist.

  • Impressions — Episode 211 - Charlie Demers 40:57 into episode

    "Where to? The tiniest room in the world?" - Graham continues Charlie's old New York City cabby impression.

  • Kids Say The Darndest — Episode 211 - Charlie Demers 1:18:53 into episode

    Graham reads an overheard sent in by a listener about a kid smashing two toys yelling "huggen' and kissin'" over and over.

  • Accents — Episode 211 - Charlie Demers 1:34:17 into episode

    "We are noot" - Graham's "Canadian" accent kicks in.

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