Dave Sings Suggest

Dave sings a song. They're often pretty funny.

  • Moments

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 42:09 into Episode 319

    Dave sings part of some crappy Billy Joel song.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 1:30:29 into Episode 319

    "I threw a mushroom at a bus, I don't care, I whipped a battery at an angel" - Dave sings his version of I Don't Care by Icona Pop.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 1:25:27 into Episode 319

    Dave and Graham sing some weird a cappella song

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 1:39:00 into Episode 319

    Dave starts singing "You're Beautiful", by James Blunt.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 0:59 into Episode 254

    Dave sings What You Know by T.I. for Charlie.

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