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  • Said by Amanda Brooke Perrin, 9:43 into Episode 319

    Amanda talks about the show Mother Up!, featuring Eva Longoria, which she is a writer for.

  • Said by Amanda Brooke Perrin, 11:17 into Episode 319

    Amanda also talks about her week of writing for George Stroumboulopoulos' talk show.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 4:51 into Episode 297

    Dave mentions Top Gear and how they joke about people who can't afford luxury cars.

  • Said by JJ Whitehead, 31:05 into Episode 297

    JJ hangs shit on Doctor Who.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 32:15 into Episode 297

    Dave mentions Sherlock and how he liked it because it's a short season.

  • Said by JJ Whitehead, 32:48 into Episode 297

    JJ talks about Pointless, a hilarious show where you give pointless answers to questions.

  • Said by Dave Shumka, 36:04 into Episode 297

    Dave talks about Extreme Cheapskates and how insane the people on the show are, and swan diving into dumpsters.

  • Said by Charlie Demers, 1:46:36 into Episode 254

    Charlie mentions The Sopranos and the Larry Sanders Show and how his wife got Gary Marshall and Gary Shandling confused.

  • Said by Lachlan Patterson, 2:26 into Episode 229

    Lachlan sees Graham on a show called Talent Time, where Graham swears a lot.

  • Said by Lachlan Patterson, 48:39 into Episode 229

    Lachlan mentions Richard Dawson, who hosted Family Feud, who was the TV host in The Running Man (1987).

  • Said by Lachlan Patterson, 49:06 into Episode 229

    Lachlan points out that in The Running Man (1987), there's a poster for a mythical TV show called The Hate Boat, a spoof of the show The Love Boat with Richard Dawson.

  • Said by Charlie Demers, 1:28:00 into Episode 211

    Charlie assumes an overheard from Baltimore is actually from The Wire. WMDs! Pandemic!

  • Episodes

  • Episode 319 - Amanda Brooke Perrin Released on 29th of April, 2014

    Amanda Brooke Perrin returns to talk vermin, classic rock, and underwear.

  • Episode 297 - JJ Whitehead Released on 26th of November, 2013

    Comedian JJ Whitehead joins us to talk potato famines, Extreme Cheapskates, and rubbies.

  • Episode 254 - Charlie Demers Released on 28th of January, 2013

    Comedian Charlie Demers returns to talk professoring, pigeons, and the weird kid in class.

  • Episode 229 - Lachlan Patterson Released on 7th of August, 2012

    Comedian Lachlan Patterson returns to talk about comedy merchandising, Xanadu, and dogcasts.

  • Episode 211 - Charlie Demers Released on 3rd of April, 2012

    Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk about book clubs, Adele, moving, and Bob Balaban.

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